Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My people, same last name and on the cheap

- A view of midtown Atlanta just before sunset from the back steps of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, known in Atlanta as the Carter Center. A paper company sponsored a seminar on brochure folding techniques in the auditorium. When paper geeks convene... :)

- Meeting my hairdresser's brother quite randomly. My hairdresser looks just like Rod Stewart and has hair and personality to match. His brother is very conservatively dressed and coiffed and is a tax consultant. But something in his eyes - a bit of a twinkle - gives the relationship away. Plus the last name.

- Just because you are among my favorite peeps, here is a link to buy inexpensive used books: I mostly use the library, but often end up buying books when the wait time is long. This site benefits global literacy and shipping is free within the United States, and only $3.98 worldwide.


Jannie Funster said...

Paper folding, eh? I make a mean paper hat, I'm told.

Did he sing you a tune like Rod Stewart too? :)

That's way cool on the cheap books.


Blue Bunny said...

hay, my jannie was first today! elis and fireblossim must stil be asleeping.

wit loves, me.



Fireblossom said...

blu bunnee, this here be Bosco, fb's dog. she lazy and wun get up. me trying, but cood take a wile.



Granny Annie said...

Love the photograph. Not sure I would enroll in paper folding. So now there are three Rod Stewarts? Recycled books are like rescue pets.

TALON said...

That photo is gorgeous! The sun and the clouds are just radiant! I wouldn't mind learning origami, but I don't think brochure folding is a skill I need to acquire...yet! lol!

I like that - brothers with different fashion senses, but with the same twinkle :)

Thanks for the link, Lynn!

Lynn said...

Jannie -

I met my hairdresser when he used to date my friend Lissy. We used to go clubbing back in the day and he looked at my hair and said, I'd have loosened up that perm a bit. I said it is permanent - it is naturally curly. :) I started going to him then - that was about 20 years ago. Now instead of clubbing, we just talk about our aches and pains.

He does look so much like Rod Stewart and still has rock and roll looking hair, that he is often asked to impersonate him at parties. He also does Native American dance competitions and his name with that group is Indian Rod. :)


Blue Bunny -

You made me laf out lowd. :)


FB -

Or Bosco... :) Hope that sleeping in was good. :)

Grannie Annie -

I like that thought of used books being like recycled pets.

Talon -

That photo came out great with a little editing (straightening and cropping.)

Yes - we are paper geeks and love that stuff. :)

And I like it when you can pick out family from a twinkle.

LL Cool Joe said...

Does your hairdresser strut round you singing "If you think I'm sexy" while he blow dries your hair?

I like a bit of paper folding myself. :D

sage said...

Learned something new today... a paper folding conference... who'd thought...

Louvregirl said...

I like being among your 'peeps.'

Sara said...


You seem like you're in a good mood. This post made me giggle. I love it that you went to seminar on brochure folding...then again, I once tried to figure how a brochure was was kind of complex:~)

It's that "twinkle in the eye" that gives brothers and sometimes sisters away. Afterall, they shared being a "twinkle" in their parents eyes at some time or another:~)

Thanks for book link...I can always use this kind of link. Like you, I tend to use the library, but there are times when I just wait or find a certain book.

I hope you have a great day:~)

desk49 said...

Off a peanuts porch
A view we see
And how to fold brochures
Class for you and me

Two bothers that
Do not have ties
Except for the
Twinkle in their eyes

Books to read
That’s been read before
For $3.98
Over the world they’ll sore

A peanut he was
not named by me
but a peanut brain
is what I be

Riot Kitty said...

Where do I begin? Great photo as usual. The seminar: SERIOUSLY? Really?

That's hilarious about your hairdresser and his bro...and thanks for the books. I love books and literacy is one of my pet causes.

Lynn said...

Joe -

He doesn't, but he is the most ADD hairdresser ever. I adore him, but one minute he's cutting on my hair and the next he's ordering Chinese food and then running outside to smoke. I always have to summon up all my patience, but he's a great hairdresser, so he's worth it. :)

Sage -

It is always kind of heartening to be with other people who print, create items for printing or who just love it. It seems all about the websites these days, but I still love the smell of printers ink.

lg -

I'm glad you are one of my peeps, lg. :)

Sara -

I'm mostly always in a good mood. Brochure folding is a bit of a trick - that is why we ask designers to mock something up the way they want it folded so we can look at it.

I've always liked that phrase "he was just a twinkle in his father's eye." :)

Ellis -

Yes - a peanut farmer who became president. Lots of money in just the peanuts, I think. I love that we have that beautiful center and it is on a parkway named for something good - Freedom. Thank you for my poem, a great one today! You are so NOT a peanut brain.

Riot Kitty -

Oh my - yes. Seriously. There's gate fold, accordion fold, roll fold, iron cross fold, etc. etc. And I saw something I had never seen before, a twist fold. Wows resounded through out the audience...

The book site is fun, too. They send fun messages when you order something.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow- beautiful pic!
Sounds like a nifty museum to visit- I've already learned 3 ways to fold brochures with a paper-folding machine at a previous job-
Amazing how we can look so different, yet similar at the same time from our siblings.
Thanks for the handy book link!

Ileana said...

Beautiful pic. I also love the story about your hairdresser and his brother. Rod Stewart look-a-likes are a lot of fun; I know a couple. :)

I LOVE books and I'll have to add the link to my favorites...THANK YOU!!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I know - my sisters and I don't look much alike and we are like stairsteps - 5', 5'7" and 5'10".

Ily -

That is a great place to get used books - my friend just got four great books for a total of $16 + the free shipping. I love books, too.

Anil P said...

What's a hairdresser whitout some attitude :-)

Lynn said...

Anil -

So true and he has it by miles. :)