Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best of, Jake and French antique

- One of my printing clients has been awarded a "Best of" in Atlanta Magazine's upcoming "Best of Atlanta" issue. Vanessa has a very stylish antiques business and does not know what category they consider her "best" in, only that her business is included. (It could be Best Antiques, Best of the Westside, etc.) I think it must be for Best Canine Greeter.

- Jake, the greeter, is a large mixed breed dog who Vanessa adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society around the corner from her shop. The first time I was in, he came up with a friendly look, leaned against me and looked up adoringly while I petted him.

- Admiring a gorgeous, very narrow iron scrollwork table that would be perfect for my small foyer, Vanessa told me it was a French antique. "Sold!" I thought. She said, "It is $2200, but I'll let you have it for $1800 since we are business partners." Gulp. (Maybe someday if I win the lottery.)

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Jannie Funster said...

Hey, sometimes best is just best?

Waiting to win the lottery here too. Might hellp if I bought a ticket, tho.