Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nostalgia, coming back and home

- This area of Midtown Atlanta is turning into a fun house-looking area with all the reflective glass. Its history is being erased. It used to be called "The Strip" back in the late '60s during the heyday of the counterculture movement. Later in the '70s it turned sort of seedy with xxx-rated businesses. Later still in the '80s it was full of dance clubs and sidewalk bistros. The boarded up business on the right had one of my favorite spots ever, "Frijoleros" with its healthy style California cuisine. I can only imagine that demolition and some sort of glass structure is planned for it soon. Oh Bean Men, where are you now?

- This area in Cabbagetown indeed "took a whack" in March when a massive tornado ripped through the area.

- So all over the place on Friday afternoon, ending with volunteer work at Georgia Public Broadcasting. And home in the blessed rain to the 'burbs.

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