Friday, November 21, 2008

Last call, Happy Mail and gratitude

- Attending the multi-media art show Big Angel Blowout with Laura and Nancy. You gotta love a place that has such decorative Sock Monkeys. It is the last year for the blowout, aka "Some Call it Art", the owner saying "our wings have somewhat outflapped their flutter."

- My latest Postcrossing card from John from Katwijk, The Netherlands, on the North Sea Shore. He says "Here is Happy Mail for you." I love that term and receiving something other than catalogs and bills in the mail.

- Gratitude for the guys in the back looking out for me. One of them notices a plastic bag stuck underneath my car and tells me not to go anywhere before they can get it out.


Jannie Funster said...

I had a small branch under my car last week but I let it there until it got caught on something and left of natural causes. Is it bad to leave it there?

Never enough Happy Mail!

Lynn said...

Well in this case, the plastic bag melted to a pipe and had to be scraped off. One of the pressmen scraped it for me - I am so lucky to have friends like that.