Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trees, more trees and unsung heroes

- Arriving home earlier than usual and finding the sun dappling through the trees breathtaking.

- During a work road trip, the view from the top of Spaghetti Junction shows miles of red, gold and orange leaved Maple trees with the skyline of Atlanta in the distance.

- At the mid-week church dinner, sitting with beloved friends while they planned an upcoming prayer weaving for Advent. And enjoying the blackberry cobbler that Marjory alerted me to before it was all gone, since I am prone to dillydallying.


Jannie Funster said...

I enlarged that photo, just amazingly breath-taking, thanks.

And clicked on that Spaghetti Junction, boy that was named correctly! Have youe ver gotten off-track getting on or off it?


Lynn said...

Spaghetti Junction can just be such a nightmare - yes, I have gotten off track before. The worst is when 18-wheelers turn over on one of those ramps - it puts the city in gridlock for hours.