Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day, commute and that's it

- Taking the scenic route to work so that I can see how long the line is at my regular voting place, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. At 6:30am people were running out of their cars to get in line. (Looked like about an hour wait.) Mt. Moriah's claim to fame: Gladys Knight (of the Pips) began singing there as a child in the church choir.

- Another voting place, Henderson Mill Elementary School, looked like about a two hour wait. On their sign they advertise a "Piggy Opera" that the kindergarten is putting on next week. On Album 88, the very laid-back student DJ says, "Just another day.....NOT!"

- From Mr. C's Sign: Vote for Meatloaf


Jannie Funster said...

Glays Knight, Meatloaf, 2 of my absolute faves! Well, Meatloaf more than Ms. Knight. But that was my teen era. Bat out of Hell, yes!

Voting lines, voting lines. It seems like they've been voting for weeks at our local grocery store. So cute to see all the senior citizens come out in full force to make their voices of experience be heard.

Until next we meet, be happy and healthy.

Lynn said...

Yeah, but at Mr. C's they mean meatloaf you eat. It is kind of a marginal bar that I pass on the way to work that also serves food.

Jannie Funster said...

Oh yeah, that kind of meatloaf. :)