Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Relief, entertainment and Whaaa?

- The catalogs we printed for a technology group are "a BIG HIT." It is my largest and most complicated print job ever, so I could faint from relief.

- The delightfully silly "Dancing with the Stars" is mindless entertainment, but I have to admire the tenacity and genuine eagerness to excel from the celebrities involved in it - particularly Warren Sapp, with his huge smile and surprising grace.

- From Mr. C's sign:


(I so don't get this, but thought it was funny. Well - they are talking about meatloaf you eat and it is the special on Mondays and I guess they are talking about Paris Hilton and BFF stands for Best Friend Forever. But Mr. C's is the kind of place I'm guessing she would run screaming from, a dive bar and grill, but with a loyal following from the neighborhood.)


Muttland said...

Paris' New BFF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Hilton's_My_New_BFF

Do people really watch this stuff?

Lynn said...

Hey Leisa - Thanks for the insight! Apparently they do at Mr. C's. :)

Jeanne said...


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