Sunday, November 9, 2008

Glorious, lighthearted and delightful

- An early morning walk through church grounds with Rick on the way to a meeting, leaves crunching underfoot. His comment, "There is no more beautiful place right now to see the leaves changing than our church."

- Being invited by Pat to see the play "High School Musical 2." Loads of little girls, some in droves, there to see it. The play is good wholesome fun and contains great values - loyalty to friends, work ethic, integrity.

- A delightful dinner with friends, not getting much done on our writing project, but lots of much needed laughter.


Jannie Funster said...

#1, I was almost there with you and the crunching leaves.

#2, my girl turned 7 recently(Still can't believe she is 7. Its' actually been already 2 months since her birthday. Maybe I'll finally get used to it by the time she is 8,) has not hit the High School Musical craze yet. But it's just a matter of time.

#3, the wonderful stuff of life.


Whitney said...

ah, i miss those bright golden trees that line the parking lot. (and all of you, of course!) Whitney

Lynn said...

Jannie - it truly is glorious. And hey - most of those kids were her age or around there.

Whitney - we miss you, too! It sounds like Belfast is quite beautiful right now, too.

So Rick has a foot injury and is recovering from surgery and on crutches. Both of us parked on the office side of the church, but it was locked, so he took off across the lawn on his crutches. Me (hurrying after him): "That looks like sort of a perilous path you're taking there, Rick." Him: "It'll be fine." Me: "Can I carry something for you?" Him: "Nope." Then the discussion of maple leaved beauty ensued. A happy accident - that nature walk.