Friday, November 14, 2008

Strategic awakening, fun place and hired

- Stopping at ChocoLaté for my celebratory Friday morning latte, no one there but the two women behind the counter and me. Me: "It's awfully early to be up, huh?" Barista: "Unless you work at a coffee shop."

- Traveling down I-85 South to work, I can just see the brightly colored tower that is Sweetwater Brewing Company. The vapors coming out of it surely must have an intoxicating aroma.

- Friend Cathy and I bonded over being unemployed last year, meeting in line at a Women for Hire job fair. Thankfully, we are both gainfully employed now and just realized we work a couple of miles from each other. A fun lunch is surely coming soon...


Jannie Funster said...

Have you ever considered trading in the morning coffee for a treat from the Brewing Co. Just kidding of course! I wait until at least noon for my beer.

Which reminds me, how's the attempt at liking wine going??

I see from your comment on my blog you are 20 miles from your work. is most of it I-85 many minutes is the drive?

Lynn said...

Hi Jannie -

The ship sailed on liking wine a long time ago - I LOVE wine.

It is mostly I-85 south from the north end of Atlanta to downtown and then I have to take I-75 north for a couple of miles. It takes me about 30 minutes in the morning, but I leave around 6:30 am. In the afternoon it is a little longer - 45-60 minutes when leaving around 4 pm. That's why I listen to books on CD or call friends and family.

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, I realized right after I left the wine comment I had you temporarily mixed up with another blogging friend (whoops, ever forgive?)

Good way to pass the commute!