Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home away from home, rumble and wisdom

- This cubicle that is home for nine hours a day. I made it my own by adding family photos, a plant that has been with me at three jobs now and colorful things. My company printed the Les Misérables poster and I hung it up as my own private joke for when things get a little too tightly wound.

- The rumble of the die-cutter beyond the wall behind my cubicle, sounding like a large cat's purr.

- Whitney's beautiful post about her life in Belfast and a young boy's prayer to "help us to treat other people as God's good creation."


Jannie Funster said...

Wow, that cubicle is absolutely gorgeous! I thought it was your home until you explained.

And just what is that die-cutter cutting?

Another Gratitude blog. I already liked you a lot, Lynn -- but now even more!

Lynn said...

Thanks Jannie! The die-cutter cuts shapes out of printed materials. Last week it was those door hanger things for a hotel's room doors.